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Windows installer
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Other platforms
Requires a Java installation
Version 0.4.1
Startup network connection fix

  • Fixed an issue where old peers were retained, causing every node to attempt to offline nodes, leading to significant startup delays.

Version 0.4
Usability improvements

  • Contextual validation: complete validation option for blocks and transactions already stored on the main chain, by reverting the UTXO set to the parent block.
  • Consensus parameters can be changed in the settings view.
  • Removed redundantly encrypted private keys: all private keys are stored in encrypted format in the wallet by default.
  • Option to propagate invalid blocks to peers.
  • Entering wallet password upon exiting the application is no longer required.
  • User interface indicates when main chain is syncing.
  • Transaction pool UTXO set is now correctly updated when transactions are purged from the pool.
  • Transactions that do not require change can now also be created.
  • Windows installer that ensures a compatible Java environment.

Version 0.3
Validation rule descriptions

  • Validation rule descriptions: a more detailed description of what every rule checks is shown when validating blocks or transactions.
  • Split the signature verification rule in (1) validating the signature and (2) checking whether the public key corresponds to the claimed address.
  • Settings view for modifying the configuration file.
  • Fallback on default configuration options when missing from the selected configuration file, which previously caused the application to crash on startup.
  • UTXO set displays which outputs are in the user's wallet.
  • Several UI stability fixes.

Version 0.2.3
Minor UI changes

  • Added simple transaction creation dialog.
  • Small UI quality of life changes and consistencies.

Version 0.2.2
Minor stability fixes

  • Fixed rare cases of deadlocks.
  • Networking stability and performance improvement.